I look for validation sometimes
in the form of numbers on
social networking sites
the number of notes,
number of followers,
number of likes.

If we’re being honest,
I think they make me hate
myself a little less.

If we’re being honest
I would tell you that
I feel like too much
all the time.

I need reminders
that it’s okay
to be bursting
at the seams,
that people still
like me even
when I have trouble
liking myself.

The stretchmarks
on my skin are
me that I’m
too much for my own
skin to handle.

I feel like
explosions trapped in
a body sometimes.

I don’t know how to
be any less than I am.

This is for anyone
that feels like too much
of anything.

I hope you never
let anyone water you down.

Write this down:
I validate my own existence.

Write it anywhere you’ll see it often.
Remind yourself until you start
to believe it.

For what it’s worth,
if you think you’re a handful,
most people have got two.

If they don’t,
people have ears to listen,
arms to hold you,
mouths to comfort you.

Let them breathe you in.